The Jungle Civilization

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In The Jungle and Fast Food Nation there were many events that showed a theme of Civilization, Cultural Diffusion, and Innovation. Civilization has changed changed immensely through time as it has improved. In The Jungle railroads were built to make transportation of good easier. They use the railroads to deliver products from factory to factory to deliver a bigger load faster than it would take without the railroads. They shipped meat and the other products to companies and markets to sell their products. Railroads make transportation of products around the world easier as many companies are built around the United States (Sinclair, U. 1906). Consumers buy products from these companies or buy things they don’t necessarily need. Jurgis and…show more content…
In The Jungle they have used every single part of any animal they would receive and even make their own cans. For Example, the cow,sheeps, pigs, and any other animal they received would be killed and turned into meat. Certain parts of the animal were used to make other products than just meat. They used cattle to make glue, leather, fertilizer, soap and lard. They used leftover horns to make buttons, combs, hair pins and ivory. Bones were to be used for handles of many objects, and mouthpieces. Main parts of the hoofs were to be used for hair pins and buttons, but the leftovers would be made into glue. The leftover parts of animals such as feet, knuckles, hide clipping, and sinew made gelatin, isinglass, and phosphorus, bone black, shoe blackening, and bone oil, which were all other products they were able to make that would bring in a higher amount of income. They also made Pepsin, albumen, and violin strings from some of the other parts of animals. All of these products were stated in The Jungle that they would make to bring in extra income. The Jungle also innovated their products with chemicals. They would use chemicals so that they could help the meats or other products so they could sell the product and not lose any money. The chemicals would kill many people, but they could do nothing. The chemicals were strong enough to eat through any clothing or even peoples skin. They would cure the meat of anything they have (Sinclair, U. 1906). In Fast Food Nation innovation was used when companies changed the whole fast food industry by making their own food assembly for their own company. It saves them more money to produce their own products than to buy it from other companies (Schlosser, E. 2001). Innovation has been used throughout all of time like the printing press, any type of vehicle, internet, communication. All of these were made
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