The Jungle And Fast Food Nation Analysis

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In The Jungle and Fast Food Nation there were many events that showed a theme of Civilization, Cultural Diffusion, and Innovation. Civilization has changed changed immensely through time as it has improved. In The Jungle railroads were built to make transportation of good easier. They use the railroads to deliver products from factory to factory to deliver a bigger load faster than it would take without the railroads. They shipped meat and the other products to companies and markets to sell their products. Railroads make transportation of products around the world easier as many companies are built around the United States (Sinclair, U. 1906). Consumers buy products from these companies or buy things they don’t necessarily need. Jurgis and Ona spend so much money on a wedding feast they do not necessarily need. Jurgis thinks she deserves this wedding feast that cost more than they can pay. They do not have enough money to pay for all this and yet they still go ahead and buy all of it. Another example of consumers is when they decide to buy the house even though they don’t have enough money. They could have kept paying rent at the tenant, but wanted their house which they are paying more than it 's worth that give the company a huge profit (Sinclair, U. 1906). In Fast Food Nation consumers would buy all this fast food even though they knew it was unhappy and did not need it. They would buy fast food at these restaurants because it was cheaper than buying or making food.

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