The Tenement Vs The Jungle Essay

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“The jungle” and “Genesis of the tenement” both contain conflicting and negative impacts. The authors may both have similarities on their purpose to create their text. Though it is clear that they both contain differences too. Upton Sinclair thought that the workers at the factories were not being treated well. Jacob Riis knew that the people in the tenements were living in horrible conditions, and that no one would intervene. Not only did he go to these tenements to write about them, he also took pictures of what was happening inside those tenements. In the tenements, lived very poor people, so even 5 dollars would be too much for them. While the rent was too high for these people, the wages were too low for the factory workers. “Their rent was eight dollars and a half for a single room on the top-story, so small that I was unable to get a photograph of it even by placing the camera outside the open door. Three short steps across either way would have measured its full extent.” ( page 387 lines 140-144 ). Not only was the rent high, the living space of this colored family was not comfortable. These people had to live in very small places, because they didn’t have anywhere else to go. The difference between the tenements and the…show more content…
Though both authors wrote based on their own personal experiences. Upton Sinclair went undercover as a worker in these factories and wrote of what he saw, while Jacob Riis went to tenements, wrote or took pictures of what he saw. These two authors were trying to create change. They knew that the workers and the poor living in these tenements couldn’t go anything. So who else to help besides the public? Once the public found out, and they expressed how these acts were wrong, the plan was in motion. “Up to a year or two ago it had been the custom to kill horses in
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