The Jury's Guilt In 12 Angry Men

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he story of the movie ’12 Angry Men’ is grounded on the trail of eighteen years old boy who was accused of killing his abusive father stabbing to death. Twelve jury have been chosen to decide the fate of the boy. If the jury finds him guilty then he will be sentenced to death, it was a grave responsibility for them since it was a matter of life and death. The face of the convict was shown for the first and last time while the jury was retiring from the room, it was a gloomy face whose life is at the hands of the decision of the jury. As the jury entered into the jury room, the air inside the room was hot, which can also be symbolic to the intensity of the case. In the beginning of the jury room discussion, the members are preoccupied with their own life, for some it was just a duty to do anyway without understanding the depth of the case. According to the law, the vote of the jury should be twelve to nothing either way to prove the boy guilty or not guilt. The best solution was to have a preliminary vote. The discussion heated up when one of the jury voted ‘not guilty’ against the eleven. This is where the movie takes…show more content…
It is not known if the boy is actually guilty or innocent, it will always remain hidden with the boy. It is about whether the jury has a reasonable doubt about his guilt, and this is how the whole debate started when the jury eight had a reasonable doubt about the whole incident of the boy killing his father and the witnesses. Juror eight who entered in the trial with an open mind finally managed to convince the others to do so. The movie illustrates that everything is not what it appears to be. The movie also reflects the prevailing sexism of America in the 1950’s. The movie represents a man’s world where men do everything and women do little more than serve as witnesses. The actions of the jurors in the movie, like the violent confrontational arguments also reflects the power of
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