The Kenneth Branagh: The Most Effective Film

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Have you ever been so scared to do something but you know that you have to do it? I’ll tell you what in the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare it sure does! The Kenneth Branagh is the most effective film because they actually show the correct emotion. Without this emotion it would be a pretty vague film. Doran’s version best fits Shakespeare's intention, because we see not only great emotion but also excellent camera work. “ In the same figure like the king that’s dead” (Shakespeare 9). In this quote it shows a lot about Bernardo. The first thing it shows is how scared he is actually about the so called ghost. Like he try’s to play it cool but he is actually really scared because he realizes this isn't a joke anymore. It also makes him appear somewhat crazy. There is one other thing that this quote states, which is that bernardo is worried if this is the so called “ King “. At least you would know that this so called “…show more content…
The first reason that it would be the not so great film would have to be because the weapons they choose to use in this film were spears. Like really come on who would choose to use spears in there film at least use swords or something. Another reason this film isn't as good as the other is because the acting is not so great. They also had a really bad way of showing a sense of emotion. Like they would try to show someone hurt by making them laugh. If someone is hurt there not just gonna sit there laughing. The better film was the one by Doran. This is the so called better film for several reason. First, is that it is a lot more modern. They actually use a lot of modern weapons so it was a lot easier for me to relate too. I loved the scenery choice for this film. The scene that they choose was an old castle like in the basement of it. The camera work would flash from like an actual camera view to a security camera which was pretty cool. They had a great way of showing the ghost by doing

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