The Key Aspects Of Socio-gocentrism In Everyday Life

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Human always occupied by in non-logical behavior. We act inconsistently, ignore relevant evidences, jump to conclusions, and say and believe things that don’t make good sense. We deceive ourselves in many ways. Behind human irrationality are two covered and interrelated motivating stimulants. One of them is socio-centrism which is the focus of the topic. Human socio-centrism conceptualized most simply as group egocentricity. According to oxford dictionary socio-centrism is defined as dominant or principal focus on society or the community, rather than the individual. Socio-centrism thought basically operates from two central tendencies:
i. Be in quest to get what it wants without considering the right and needs of others. ii. Justifying the beliefs and behavior of the group.

The main purpose of this section is to make clear the idea on the term socio-centrism and its influence in our daily life which is used as primary factor in building our character.

The key questions that the author addressing are:
i. What is socio-centrism? ii. How socio-centrism is related to egocentrism? iii. What is the impact of applying socio-centric thoughts in daily life? iv. How can we divert our mind from socio-centric thinking as a skilled thinker?

The most important information in these sections is:
• Author provides some examples of socio-centric thoughts that we apply in our daily life which is followed by nation, culture, profession,

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