The Key Causes Of The Black Power Revolution

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Introduction According to Connelly“The Black power revolution, regarded as one of the most defining moments in Trinidad and Tobago’s history”(print), sits prominently in the minds of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who lived through this ordeal. Which took place after the country gained Independence, from its colonial masters just eight (8) years prior to the revolution. Citizens were happy as the country would now be able to manage its own affairs. The first Prime Minister of the country Dr. Eric Williams had given the people the assurance that he would seek their needs and liberate them from poverty. However this was not so, and after eight years of Independence, they became disenchanted with him, whom they thought were seeking the interest of the business class. Unemployment rate among the lower and middle class in society was high; issues of racism and inequality plagued the nation. Some of Dr.William’s followers believed that he had lost his purpose, and had betrayed the people who were loyal to him. This journal would cover issues leading up to the revolution as well as the main events of the Black power revolution. Day 1 Two years of vigorous protest, attacks and revolts against the government of Trinidad and Tobago , the authority and the business oligarchy by young and restless afro and indo-Trinibagonians finally cumulated today April 21st 1970 with over fifteen thousand militant protestors bearing torches, cane stalks and beating drums coming from all

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