French Revolution Causes

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Revolutions were indisputably a crucial part during the 1700s and 1800s. Revolutions are primarily defined and recognized as a sudden or great change for the better. In particular, one prominent revolution that occurred in the late 1700s is none other than the French Revolution. The French Revolution eventually led to the development of new political forces. Also, it questioned the jurisdiction of the king, priests, and nobles. When thinking or talking about this difficult time, it is hard to not think about all the causes for the French Revolution ranging from King Louis XVI poor leadership to the financial problems of France. Also, the effects that these events had on the future of France and the revolution. There were numerous vital people…show more content…
One of the prime causes of the beginning of the French Revolution was the unfair distribution of wealth and authority. This negatively affected all of the peasants in France. During the early parts of the French Revolution, France was an absolute monarchy. Meaning that the king had all the power and authority. Understandably, many people undeniably did not politically agree with this. However, even though the king had all the power, there was still some other wealthy people who somewhat had authority. During that time, there were three separate estates, the first estates, which was the catholic clergy. The second estate, the nobles, which were relatives of the king. And at last but not least, the third estate, also known as the peasants. As a result of this unfair distribution of wealth, it caused peasants have to pay much more taxes than the nobles or priests. In fact, priest did not have to pay any taxes at all, according to Mrs. Anderson´s class. This affected the peasants in a retaliating way, eventually storming and breaking down the Bastille, a famous, royal prison in France. Most of the peasants reasonably thought this was discriminatory that they had to give half of their very little amounts of food and…show more content…
Life around the globe would be exceptionally different if the French Revolution never occurred, especially in France. The wars fought by Napoleon Bonaparte´s armies would have never happened, thus, America would not have been supported by France throughout their war with Britain. Therefore, the French Revolution affected and influenced other countries all over the
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