The Key Differences Between Tesco And Walmart In Japan

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1. What are the key differences between Tesco and Walmart in their Japanese operations? Walmart - is a network of hypermarkets and supermarkets. They sell food and industrial goods. Walmart’s strategy includes a range of the maximum and minimum prices, which tend to wholesale prices. Walmart does not cooperate with a variety of vendors-resellers in Japan, which may increase the prices of products and slow the delivery process, so, Walmart relies on its global presence and imports food from other countries.This strategy also enabled Walmart to release on the Japanese market the new products that are popular in other countries. Tesco - is a network of hypermarkets, supermarketsand «shops at home».In Japan, Tesco used its format of small shops at home "Express". The Tesco thought that there is a demand for food point format «shop at home» in Japan, situated in a convenient location, especially near railway stations. 2. Why has Walmart been able to succeed (so far) in Japan while Tesco failed? David Marcotte, an analyst at consulting firm Kantar Retail, said: «Walmart 's strategy is to hold the moment when the market is ready to shift due to the fact that other companies will lose their position, or will be closed".Other some critics claims that Walmart contributes to the displacement of small traders from the market, including small family shops. Walmart has also received a positive attitude in the media, as the company faster than competitors could restore business in the

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