The Khilafat Movement In British India

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Khilafat movement was a religious-political movement launched by Muslims of the British India for the retention of the Ottoman caliphate or Khilafat-e-usmania and not for letting for the Muslims holy places goes under the control of non Muslims. During the First World War turkey sided with Germany and as Germany started to lose turkey also started losing its territory. By the first time world war came to an end in 1918 turkey had lost most of it territory, therefore the issue at that time was how the allied power would treat turkey, the ottoman empire or the Khilafat e usmania and most of its territory had been occupied and this movement was on its peak from 1919 to 1922, although it went on during the letter years. Being brothers the Indian…show more content…
The movement was launched in 1919 and was ended in 1924. The movement got a religious touch for Muslims because the seat of the caliphate was going to be abolished and the turkey was going to be divided into several parts by the allies (British and France). Seeing the enthusiasm of Muslims against the British, Mr. Gandhi and congress joined the movement and added non cooperation to it. After this the movement got good momentum and became very popular. Protest meetings and marches were held all over the country which shook the British…show more content…
Both Hindu and Muslims leader were imprisoned for several years. About 30000 workers all over India were put in jails. The movement slowed down. But the most important reason for the failure of Khilafat movement was the abolition of the institution of caliphate by Turks themselves. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. The Turkish leader established a modern democratic government in turkey with the properly elected parliament in this setup the caliph and the seat of caliphate had no place the caliph was deposed and exiled in 1924. Muslims in India had nothing to fight for and the Khilafat movement ended in failure in 192. Therefore the abolition the institution of caliphate in 1924 was the main reason for the failure of Khilafat movement.
End of movement:
The Khilafat movement that was started by the Muslims of the British India for the retention of Ottoman Empire and for retaining the control of Muslims holy places that movement gradually fizzled out. How that did happen a number of developments from 1921 to onwards contribute to that, the first important development that adversely effected the movement was the mopla rewalt on the Malabar area in the kalicut.

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