The Khilafat Movement

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Khilafat Movement Khilafat Movement was started in 1919. This movement was a protest campaign in order to save territorial integrity of Muslim’s sacred places. This movement depicted the great example of unity. Indian Muslims and some Indian nationalist joined hands and fought to preserve the integrity of Ottoman Empire. This movement ended in 1922. Background: The series of events that forced Muslims to start this movement were: Post World War 1 Scenario: The alignment of Turkey with Germany did not prove beneficial as Turkey started losing its territory. During world war some parts of Ottoman Empire were occupied by British, Italian and French troops. World War 1 ended in 1918 for world but for turkey new challenges were aroused regarding…show more content…
When it comes to religion, Muslims have courage to be slayed for its integrity. When British Government showed their bad intentions against Muslims, Muslim world geared up to stop them. Not only Muslims from entire world joined hands but also Hindus of Sub-continent supported them in every manner. This became the best example of unity. Khilafat Movement: Khilafat Movement was a political-religion Movement started by the Muslims of the India for the preservation of the Ottoman Caliphate and to take steps to stop the Muslim’s holy places to go under the control of the Non-Muslims. Hindus were not aware of caliphate system yet they realized its importance for Muslims. Leader of Hindus- Mahatma Ghandi openly avowed the sustenance which they were having for Muslims at that time. In July, 1919 the khilafat committee was formed at Bombay. Leadership: The Khilafat movement witnessed the very first political alliance over the religious pictogram of the khilafat (caliphate) amid common western-educated Muslim masses of India and ‘ulemas. Every single commoner contributed in carrying out this movement but few prominent names, without whose supervision this movement was not possible,…show more content…
Movement’s Activities: During this movement, the leader ship adopted several ways to protest against British Government. Following are some steps taken during this khilafat movement: First Conference: In November 1919, the first conference of khilafat movement was held in Delhi. In this conference leadership of Indians were also present. Ghandi and Nehru attended this conference and assured their support to Muslims. Major political parties came forward together to challenge the injustice with the Muslim community. During this conference some decision were made that were taken to proceed their protest against British Governments. These decisions were: Victory Celebration: To avoid the victory celebrations was the first important step taken by the participants of this conference. The British and the Allies were celebrating their victory in war even in India because India was on the side of the British as they were a part of the British Empire. The boycott in the victory celebration was a compact way of showing discontentment on the state of affairs. Boycott with

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