The Khmer Rouge: Genocide In Vietnam

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One of the utmost irrational mistakes of mankind is Genocides. Genocides are consistently repeated throughout all of history. Seventeen million people died in World War I.
In comparison, three million people have died during the Cambodia Genocide. In half the time that each major power took to stop fighting. The social integrity of Cambodia collapsed on its self, killings equaled 27% of the death of World War I. As a matter of fact, the Indochina War is what caused Cambodia 's damaging self infliction. Its neighboring country, Vietnam wanted independence, thus causing the first Indochina war. After the War in the 1950 a communist movement ignited in Cambodia. The communist, party of Kampuchea, also known as The Khmer Rouge. A nickname adopted by the permanence that red made up most of the country 's ethnicity, the color of communism. The party came to power from the country 's struggle against French colonization. The Khmer Rouge was strongly influenced from the Vietnamese, but was not an official party until 1968.

During the Vietnam War the United States, used Cambodia to their convenience by creating regrouping
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Nevertheless, he started by sending the city’s population to the countryside where: physical abuse, disease, exhaustion, and starvation were extremely prevalent. Ordinarily, the communist party took Maoist and Marxist 's theories and radically adapted them. Furthermore, Pol Pot then began a "re-education" campaign targeting political dissidents, people against his policies which addressed mainly educated people. Suddenly, Pol Pot singled out these educated citizens for torture at the infamous Tuol Sleng prison. Conversely, in 1976 he changed the country 's name to Democratic Kampuchea, declaring it as "Year Zero" to building his new
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