The Khmer Rouge: The Cambodian Genocide

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The mass killing of 25 percent of a country's population is classified as a genocide;also a sin and immoral action of those upstanders and bystanders that witness, initiate or, participated in the Cambodian genocide. These people that initiated the Khmer rouge and set forth the Cambodian genocide are sinners, mass murders, and cruel. To kill a babies, the elderly, and enslave many children and adults. To starve and exterminate them as well. The Khmer rouge and all its members should be tried and sentenced for their sins against the innocent.

The actions and events leading a genocide happened between 1970 and 1973, during the Vietnam War, the United States bombed much of the countryside of Cambodia and manipulated Cambodian politics
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It was an attempt of the Khmer Rouge to nationalize and centralize the peasant farming society of Cambodia virtually overnight, in accordance with the Chinese Communist agricultural model. Other groups targeted for extermination by the Khmer Rouge were ethnic minorities like Vietnamese nationals, and the Cham people who are Muslim. The regime also pursued any perceived political enemies. For another decade, the Khmer Rouge fought the Vietnam-backed government with support from China and the Soviet Union. The violence and instability of this period result in the deaths of thousands of Cambodians, as well as a large influx of hundreds of thousands refugees into Thailand, still traumatized by their experiences under the Khmer Rouge and in search of food, medical care, and security. Clashes with Vietnam broke out in 1977 and on January 7, 1979 Vietnam invaded Cambodia, overthrowing the Khmer Rouge and installing a socialist regime comprised of Khmer Rouge defectors. The rest of the party fled west into the jungles along the Thai border, carrying out guerilla attacks against the Vietnamese. The Khmer Rouge was removed from power when communist Vietnam invaded and established a pro-Vietnamese regime in Cambodia. Many survivors fled to refugee camps in Thailand; of these, many went on to immigrate to the United States. Pol Pot led the Khmer Rouge as an insurgency until 1997…show more content…
The Cambodian genocide had became an event in history of a horrific tragedy that was initiated by many bad people who did not have moral sense, compassion, or hear. The Khmer rouge could not be forgiven or even given lesser time sentence for they murder countless of innocent children and their parents and enslaved many others. This Genocide will be an event that should not be repeated. That is it should be an tragedy to learn from that violence, tortured, and cruel enslaving should not be set against the

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