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Robby Novak - The Kid President Robby Novak or as most know him, Kid President, once said, “Give the world a reason to dance.” Novak wants to make the earth a better place by getting people to do several things. Novak is one energetic boy with an eager to have a better planet. he is a kid with one big heart, that is for sure. Novak created inspiration to be less boring and change the globe, used perseverance to innovate in ways to overcome his disease, and illuminate the planet by giving people a reason to change the world in a good way.
Novak has created inspiration to make the world a better place by trying to get people to be less boring and much more, with his YouTube channel,”SoulPancake,” where he dresses up as the president in a presidential looking area. He goes to different areas and makes his videos to inspire people with a pep talk style. During his videos, he always makes hysterical jokes, like “Life is not a game people, it’s not
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Novak’s videos have been viewed over 32 million times, and due to Novak’s humor and also his will to make the world a better place, most of those people were deeply inspired. SoulPancake is a group of actors, and they invited Novak to join the channel. “SoulPancake” was already quite famous so Kid President quickly became an internet sensation. “I thought it was inspiring to meet Kid President because in my class at Valley Mills Elementary we have been watching his videos, and my entire class thinks he is so awesome.” Collyn Crandall said after meeting Novak. The first Kid President video that the duo posted in July of 2012 got 200 views. The second got 2,000. At that point, Brad and Robby were already impressed. "That is our whole town! Our whole town watched the video!" Brad recalls (How 'Kid President ' Robby Novak 's Viral Videos Are Bringing More Awesome Into the World). “Call me crazy, but I still believe in you grownups!” Novak said to help adults to. Kid President has inspired millions of people, and many

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