Death In The Killer Angels

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The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865 due to controversy about slavery which led to deaths of over 600,00 people. Controversy in the U.S. split it in half, the North and the South. It all began when Southern Troops bombarded Fort Sumter, South Carolina. The North had far more men and war materials than the South did which may have been a factor as to why they won. The bloodiest battle happened to be in Gettysburg and there is no way you can have a war without it being bloody and gross. The medical technology, knowledge and practices are far different from what we have and do today. If someone were to get shot today, usually there are no complications depending on where the bullet is, but back then there weren’t many thing that could’ve been done and not everything was the cleanest. The majority of people in the battle who were shot didn’t die because of the the bullet wound itself, but because of how it was treated and taken care of. Those who were shot, unfortunately had an extremely slim chance of surviving. In the novel The Killer Angels, many injuries, wounds, and deaths of people were described. Three historical figures in The Killer Angels that were injured are Joshua L. Chamberlain, John Buford and John Reynolds. Colonel…show more content…
Although it was a bloody war, disease was the number one cause of death due to all the unsanitary equipment being used. Not only did the cleanness of things factor in the deaths caused by disease, but so did the knowledge of the people back then. They were not familiar with bacterial transmission, so not much was done to keep things sanitary. Luckily, today we have way better technology, knowledge and medical equipment. If it wasn’t for the Civil War and all the people who put their lives on the line, the world wouldn’t be how it is
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