The Killer Archetypes In Hh Holmes

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Portrayal of H.H. Holmes Chicago the up and coming western city for the time is thriving unlike most other western cities. The allure of better quality life where people flock to experience the big city’s sophisticated and party filled life contrary to most people’s dull rural life. Where the morality of life is questionable for the time not only amongst the citizens but also the politicians. The fast lifestyle most citizens live and the numerous amount of nightclubs and brothels within the city’s bounds. Where sickness, crime, and murder seem to have found a commonplace. What better place to set up shop and start murdering people! Our antagonist H.H. Holmes seemed to have developed a similar idea for the city of Chicago. Holmes displays his serial killer archetype by using the ruse of the lover archetype to manipulate unsuspecting women in order to propel himself into the limelight and portray himself as a success story (Schmidt Chapter 2). Of course this comes with a few bumps in the road and a few casualties but who cares about that am I right? Holmes is a master manipulator and uses a variety of…show more content…
To be quite honesty Mytra was more attracted to the city than she was Holmes but she saw him as a vehicle that could take her to this magical place. The countless stories which Holmes most likely falsified made the city life seem incredible and this made Holmes more attractive since he was successful in this whole new world. Holmes used her by making him seem like he was settling down and it gave him some leverage. She also ran the stores basic functions for the most part while he began planning his buildings construction. After she slowly fell out of love with the city life because she never really experienced it she went back to live with her parents and later had Holmes’ daughter. He also uses her to gain access to her uncle who he will later
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