The Killer Show Reflection

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“The Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire, America's Deadliest Rock Concert” is a book the reviews the events surrounding the tragic fire at The Station Nightclub. The book was written by John Barylick, with the hope to provide insight into the risk management mistakes, event planning, and the lack of fire protection used throughout the venue. The Killer Show was an amazing read, which helped to capture and maintain the attention of the reader throughout the course of the book. In addition, the writer did a great job of providing details that were not generally known by the public. The goal of the following reflection is to serve as a piece that corroborates the work of the book. Throughout the book, there was multiple key points made by the author in the book that had resonated with the reader, so the following paragraphs will describe the reasoning of behind what made…show more content…
“One application of soundproofing material occurred in the early summer of 1996; the Filling Station’s manager, Tim Arnold, observed Julian screwing white plastic foam blocks to the walls of the drummer’s alcove at the center of the stage” (Mill Town Watering Hole, 2012, para.22). It was this same material that would eventually be ignited in that fatal fire by the unapproved pyrotechnics. The culture of poor risk assessment and management is upsetting because the activities conducted throughout the history of the facility eventually contributed to downfall of the building, and the patrons who lost their lives. Risk management is vital because it is supposed to foresee possible dangerous substances, and situations. As a result of good risk management, the white plastic foam blocks would have been removed long before the fateful night of February 21, 2003. Having strong management is a factor to that would be a key point in the tragic
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