The Killing Joker Analysis

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Part A:
Joker is a comic character from the batman series, it is not until the release of “Batman: The killing joke” that people got to know his past. Although joker from The Killing Joke may be the most original one, but it is too short and it is hard to observe the body language and facial expression from the comic, so I would like to give a analyze of the joker from the movie The Dark Knight (Nolan, Roven, & Thomas, 2008).
Joker is an unreliable narrator – a people who always say thing confusing other, he makes up lots of lie about his past. This time he may have the story A about his past, but next time it may become story B. In the movie The Dark Knight, he asked “do you know how did I get these scars?” for three times, and told a made-up story for twice. At first, he told a gangster that his father was an alcoholic, once he became crazier than he had been before, his mother took a knife in the purpose of protect herself and he felt unhappy about that, so he took the knife from his wife and stabbed on her, laughing, noticed that joker was watching, he asked joker “why so serious?” and used the knife to cut joker’s mouth to make it looked like the smiling mouth of a crown, to “put a smile on that face” , but later on, he told Rachel, Dent ‘s girlfriend and Batman (Bruce) ’s ex-girlfriend, another story, this time the story happened in his adulthood. He said his ex-wife had said joker had have too much to worry, he should smiled more. Later on, his wife, who was a
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