The Kinder Program: A Narrative Fiction

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Jack sprinted through forest as fast as he could. The animal was close on his tail. He was on a mission to stop Count Von Fluffington. Jack was an agent in a highly secretive program named the Kinder Program. The Kinder Program was created for children who were mentally and physically superior. While looking for Fluffington, Jack had found a hideous creature. Or rather, the creature had found him. It was disfigured and looked similar to a giant dog, but five times the size. Fluffington was an evil genius who loved to experiment on the human body. Four days earlier, Jack’s partner, Sarah, had disappeared. He called her many times, but had never gotten an answer. It was extremely unusual for Sarah to not answer her calls. Jack just knew Fluffington…show more content…
He fell and tried to get back up, but the creature was too fast. The ugly creature swatted Jack in the face and the world went black. “Ugh,” Jack mumbled quietly as he woke up from his silent world. His whole body ached. He looked around and found himself on an operating table. Jack was in a laboratory. From what he could tell the lab was very large. There were many tools and machines could Jack could not identify, but there was one he could. “Hello!” he screamed while attempting to break the bonds that tied him to the table. Sarah didn’t respond. Jack quickly turned his head towards the loud sound of hydraulic pistons opening a door. “Hello, Jack.” Fluffington greeted the worried agent as he entered the room. “What do you want?” “To talk.” “Why would you wanna talk with me?” “You’re a very important person in the Kinder Program. Are you not?” “I guess.” he said dubiously, “Why do you want to know?” “Good night, Jack.” Fluffington said quickly. Jack saw Fluffington’s old, shaking hand holding a cloth over his mouth. Jack took in a breath and everything faded into black nothingness. ________________________________________________________________________________ “Jack. Jack!
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