The King Of The Road Short Story

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What happened was that, after his unsatisfactory meal. [...] He ate the trees, the bushes, the rocks, the sand, and he even tried to eat the earth. [...] He began to-eat himself. He ate his legs, and his hands, and his shoulders, and his back, and his neck, and he ate his head. He ate himself till only his stomach remained. That night a terrible rain fell and the rain melted the stomach of the King of the Road. Our great-great-great-grandfather said that it rained for seven days and when it stopped raining the stomach had disappeared. [...] He is still hungry, and he will always be hungry. That is why there are so many accidents in the world. (301) In this story, Okri delineates the legend which seems true in African culture. Even we can believe instantly. In other words some critics focus the magical incidents from this novel, but Okri has refuted their comments by reiterating that there is dream narrative logic which is an essential part of ‘Postcolonial Aesthetic of Cultural Hybridity’ Azaro narrates another incident in which he comes across severe many problems in forest. There is full of exaggeration where it is difficult to differentiate magical and real. But Okri gives evidence where we understand that the dream logic sequence in that TFR. …I was so hungry that I ate what I could of the offerings to the road and afterwards my stomach swelled and visions of road-spirits, hungry and annoyed, weaved in my brain. I went on bleeding and a black cat with golden
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