The Kiss Kate Chopin Analysis

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Relationship plays an important role in the life. It is the connection between two or more living things. Human relationships are significant for each individual because of human activities. Everybody shares a relationship with many people such as a family, friends and colleagues. They have a relationship until the connection occurring. Making a connection can do through a communication. This connection can strengthen with continuous interaction or even break the relationship immediately considering from communication. The theme of “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Kiss”, “Cathedral” and “Speech Sound” is “A proper communication leads to keep human relationships”. These short stories compare with the details of communication. In contrast, they show the different elements of communication.…show more content…
The main idea is Nathalie is a woman who are in a working class. She wanted to be a couple with Brantain for being a high class though she liked Harvy. The theme of “The Kiss” is supported by the statement. For example, Nathalie said with her low grown and agitated voice, “but it makes so much different to me what you think of---of me.” (The Kiss, 1895). She said that after Brantain felt dissatisfy when seeing Nathalie kissed with Harvy. Nathalie found excuses and made herself look ashamed by her voice and gesture to help her speech like she cared him so much and made sympathy from him. Her voice and gesture could make the misery disappeared from his face. Finally, Brantain married with Nathalie. Nathalie could reach her goal to be a high class. It might say that she used a speech which is a verbal communication following a gesture which is nonverbal communication together make Brantain thaw. “The Kiss” is the story which shows using a verbal and a nonverbal communication contribute to be successful in a relationship. In addition, it shows the example of channels in communication such as not only speech but also voice and gesture to obtain the
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