The Kite Runner: Man's Relationship With A Father

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People in our society can be different as chalk and cheese , from their nationality to their fingerprints . However it does not mean that some people that you come across can not shared or have experience a same dilemma or dispute as you . Though humans can be different as the night and the day , we can still share similar experiences , with others . As a result the narrator from the “Kite Runner “ by “ Khaled Hosseini and “ Alice walker“ from the excerpt of “Father “ have in common a experience and understand when it comes to a relationship with a father because both of them did not really had a good relationship with their fathers and knew that there were things that their father will never understand and things that they will never know . However as humans they also do not share the same background story of why there fathers might neglected them . After all we cnas ay that even if humans can be very different they also have things in common . To begin with , the narrator from they“ Kite Runner”by “ Khaled Hosseini”Amir and “Alice Walker” from the excerpt “ Father ” both shared the…show more content…
In the book “The kite Runner ” by “ Khaled Hosseini “ it states “ I went past the rose bushes to Baba’s mansion” ( pg 6 ) . From this quote i can infer that Amir had a healthy family , he was rich . In the excerpt from “ Father ”by “ Alice walker ” states “It hurts me to think that for both of my parents , poor people , ” ( paragraph 3 ) . This quote shows me how the narrator's parents were poor and really did not have enough money to maintain 8 children . Both of this quotes demonstrate how both of them were raised in different environments . Even if they still have past through similar conflicts they do have differences
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