The Kite Runner Amir And Hassan Relationship

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The Kite Runner is written by Khaled Hosseini which was published in 2003. Two boys who are best friends, Amir and Hassan, who grew up together in Afghanistan, in the same household. Hassan and his father Ali are Hazara, who are the servants in the house. Baba is Amir’s father who is a very respected judge. In the beginning of the story it explains the relationship between everyone in the household and how Amir and Hassan are best friends. Both of their mothers were not in their lives. Amir’s mother had died when she was giving birth to him. Hassan’s mother left five days after he was born, part if it was that Hassan had a cleft palate and that she didn’t like Ali’s physical appearance, so she ran away with a group of gypsies. Since Amir’s…show more content…
So, since Amir was seeking approval and kindness that he see’s that he gives to Hassan, he wants to complete in the annual kite flying tournament. The kites are glass coated so in order to win the tournament you have to literally “cut” the other person’s kite to win. Amir ended up winning the tournament, but after that, his life will change forever. Hassan had went to fetch Amir’s kite and he got into some trouble with some kids that didn’t like Hazara people. He was sexually assaulted and Amir was watching the whole time and he didn’t do anything about…show more content…
Months pass and Sohrab barely says any words until Amir shows Sohrab a kite and tells him that Hassan was the best kite flyer he’s known. The critical article that my summary is on was written by Loyal Miles in 2004. The article is written about the book, The Kite Runner, which was written by Khaled Hosseini. The novel starts by Amir, the narrator, talking about him wanting to fill in his father’s standards that he wants to live up to. He mostly wants to live up to his father’s courage, power, judgement and the will to risk your life for others. Their relationship got more unsteady with the government’s instability. Amir also finds trouble with separating class divisions with his childhood friend who is also his servant, Hassan. He doesn’t want to call him a friend, which he really is to him. “I never thought of Hassan and me as friends either. Not in the usual sense, anyhow. Never mind that we taught each other to ride a bicycle with no hands, or to build a fully functional homemade camera out of a cardboard

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