The Kite Runner Amir's Guilt Quotes

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Amir’s main enemy is guilt because it leads him to blame himself for the death of his mother and for his father’s lack of acceptance of him. Amir takes it upon himself to say that it is his fault that his mother is dead, and that he is the sole reason why his father does not like him for the way he is. He blames himself instead of blaming the possible natural causes of why his mother is dead - he does not let it go. He also does not accept who he is for who he is to his father, he feels the need that his father’s acceptance is not good enough; thus, he seeks the love he needs by doing what his father likes despite disliking such activities himself (examples, sports). Amir does not take in account that there are more reasons outside of his control for why things happen, why the …show more content…

He loved you both, but he could not love Hassan the way he longed to, openly, and as a father. So he took it out on you instead - Amir, the social legitimate half, the half that represented the riches he had inherited and the sin-with-impunity privileges that came with them. When he saw you, he saw himself. And his guilt. You are still angry and I realize it is far too early to expect you to accept this, but maybe someday you will see that when your father was hard on you, he was also being hard on himself, Your father, like you, was a tortured soul, Amir jan (Hosseini 301). Another quote shows that Rahim Khan shows that he is trying to explain to Amir how Baba was torn between loving two children. Baba has a difficult time trying to show affections toward Amir mainly due to the fact that he is trying to show love to two children, Amir and Hassan. Although Amir’s character traits do play a role in Baba’s liking, Baba is stuck between two worlds trying to love and care for two children, and Amir does not realize this. Amir takes it upon himself, to blame himself, that he is solely the reason why Baba does not like

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