The Kite Runner And Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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The similarities and differences:
Cultural Settings
In novels, cultural and social setting can affect characters and the story in many ways. The social period of a story usually influences characters’ features, social and family roles, as well as sensibilities. In The Kite Runner, the story compiled of a mixture of Western culture and Afghan traditions while in Pride and Prejudice, the author displays the late eighteenth-century Britain and the Regency culture. Both of the novels, Kite Runner and Pride and Prejudice do correspond on certain things despite the differences they have in cultural context. The contradiction of cultural setting between The Kite Runner and Pride and Prejudice can be manifested blatantly in terms of dining. In Pride and Prejudice, dining is a perpetual competition in which people use the
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Bennet] always kept a very good table, she did not think anything less than two courses could be good enough for a man on whom she had such anxious designs, or satisfy the appetite and pride of one who had ten thousand a year” (378). At the time Mrs. Bennet lived that is in Georgian England, meals were more than just a mere sustenance. Dining in Pride and Prejudice is basically used to impress others and to allure fitting husbands. Nonetheless, it is an Afghan culture that meals are commonly associated to celebrations and gatherings, nothing to do with proving affluences and wealth. For example, on page 169, according to tradition, Soraya 's family would have thrown the engagement party, the Shirini-khori-or "Eating of the Sweets" ceremony. In Pride and Prejudice, the people eat using refined cutlery like silver forks and spoons. For instance, Austen writes, “She’s (Elizabeth) carefully examining her forks and spoons” (206). Standing in stark contrast, Afghan people eat using their hands in groups of people which can be found on page 85, “We dined the traditional way, sitting on cushions around the room, tablecloth spread on the
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