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Good deeds can redeem for an evil action that people have done in their past which is seen through Amir from the novel as he slowly gets rid of his guilt from the past, one at a time. Amir is a complex character who makes many mistakes throughout the novel and readers can sympathize with him as he struggles to reach redemption. He suffers from different shameful events and struggles to overcome the different emotional guilt that he has as a changing character.Through different events he is changed before his path to atonement and after he reaches redemption, which is evident through the change of Amir. There are several other good deeds or actions that Amir commits throughout the novel which also act as stepping stones to Amir’s path of redemption.In…show more content…
There are several ways Hassan starts his path to atonement. The first time he feels without guilt is when Assef beats him up but he describes at finally being in peace. “What was so funny was that, for the first time since the winter of 1975, I felt at peace” (289). This quote shows how he was able to finally get the beating he deserved which makes him feel as if he reached atonement. However because atonement is only achieved through doing constant good deeds readers see a second time when he reveals all. As Amir was on the phone explaining his story to Soraya he is able to reach a second step of atonement as he starts to redeem his guilt by letting go. His final redemption is seen as he takes Sohrab to America he is at peace. Through taking care of Sohrab Amir grows the most as a character and through reaching redemption he also is able to grow. While spending his life with Sohrab he repays Sohrab everyday by becoming more servant-like, loyal, and persistent waiting for him to open up. In the final chapter, Amir is seen waiting on the child like Hassan, which is ironic because the roles have switched and this shows how Amir has finally let go of his

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