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A Story of Betrayal In many books in literature, betrayal among the characters generates conflicts, emotional burdens, and other consequences in the story. In, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the notion of betrayal occurs repeatedly throughout the whole story between the main characters. In this story, the rise of betrayal affects the events and actions that come to light in between the plots and characters. This leads to some major twists and turnouts in the story. The main characters, Amir and Baba, engender betrayal among other characters in the story, while Hassan weathers the betrayal upon him which triggers from Amir. Let alone, Amir’s betrayal marks as the actual meaning of The Kite Runner, a story that emits betrayal. Amir’s transpires when Assef molests Hassan since Amir just stands by and views the scene occurring in front of him. This defines Amir’s betrayal since Hassan, who always stands up to Assef just for Amir, doesn’t get one helping from Amir. The action of betrayal caused by Amir arises when Amir plans on removing Hassan and Ali from the house. This marks another point of betrayal in the story because Amir frames Hassan for stealing his birthday money and watch. Amir himself puts these items under Hassan’s mattress since he couldn’t take the pain in his heart any longer, so he needed to get Hassan far away…show more content…
Amir and Baba both betray people whom they share a close bond with, while Hassan, on the other hand, endures betrayal set upon him by Amir, whom Hassan always respected greatly as a sahib. Betrayal connects as the major theme in this story since it describes what the story of The Kite Runner informs. Betrayal in the story affects the plot greatly in this story since causes many flips and major events that lead to the climax of the story. As betrayal tells a story in The Kite Runner, it also can tell how it greatly affects plots in other books of

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