The Kite Runner Chapter 1 Analysis

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This chapter begins with lafz, the ceremony of "giving word”, being held at the Tacheri’s household. As Amir and Baba arrived in the driveway, the nerves began to hit. Amir walked up to the door as all noise within the house stopped and was greeted inside. The father’s of the couple both made speeches about the welcoming of Amir and Soraya to each other 's families. A portion of the engagement period had not been completed because Baba would not live that long. However, Baba spent $35,000 on the marriage ceremony, awroussi. After the wedding, Soraya decides to move info Baba and Amir’s apartment. Soraya spends her time taking care of Baba while Amir is at school. She does her best to keep him as comfortable and healthy as he can be. One month…show more content…
Later, Amir and Soraya walked hand in hand through the cemetery sobbing. After Baba died, Amir began to learn many new things about Soraya’s family. He learned that Soraya’s father is an odd man, unemployed and on welfare. Also, that he suffered from terrible migraines that had him isolate himself in his room for a week. Soraya’s mother, has a talent of singing but the General forbids this. As Amir and Soraya’s relationship begins to grow, they purchase an apartment together near the Tacheri’s house. The General helps furnish it and gives Amir a brand new typewriter as a gift. After joining the University in San Jose, Amir begins to write a novel about a father and son in Kabul. After all Amir’s hard work, the book was eventually published and he had gone on a five-city book tour. Soraya now suggests that they have children. After a year of trying to conceive and doctors not being able to give a reason for this, they consider adopting. As an american, adoption is not a big deal, but as an Afghan, it 's a whole other story. They later buy a house together and as they lay side by side as night, they are haunted by the inability to have a
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