The Kite Runner Character Analysis

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In The Kite Runner, Amir was always a complex character that I found difficult to understand. His actions and feelings towards Hassan absolutely baffled me. After fully understanding the relationship between Amir and Hassan, I came to the conclusion that Amir is essentially a selfish and egotistical character; likewise, in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is just as selfish towards everyone, even Mercutio. Both Amir and Romeo did not know what they had... until it was gone. I believe the relationship between Amir and Hassan to be weak and one sided. Their relationship was almost preponderant, with Hassan’s loyalty outweighing the relationship. Throughout the whole book, Hassan showed undeniable dedication towards his friendship with Amir. During Amir’s childhood, every time Assef and his friends bullied or taunted Amir for having a Hazara friend, Amir went silent. Hassan was always the one to stand up to Assef, and make him back down. Hassan was always the one to protect Amir. Hassan was always the one who showed absolute loyalty. Like Hassan and Amir, Mercutio would do anything Romeo asked him to do. Specifically, Mercutio demonstrates his absolute loyalty and courage to defend Romeo when he challenges Tybalt. Because of Mercutio’s loyalty towards Romeo, Mercutio is willing to sacrifice his life to defend Romeo’s name. Similarly, after Amir won the kite event, Hassan faithfully ran after the blue kite yelling, “For you a thousand times over” (Hosseini 67)! Akin to Mercutio’s
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