The Kite Runner Literary Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis Essay A bond between two boys stronger than titanium, although one sided strong and inseparable. In a flash the bond shattered. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is an extravagant novel about two Afghan boys, one of higher class and one of lower class. "Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul"(Hosseini 27). Hassan looks up to Amir but Amir is almost embarrassed to be seen with Hassan. They rather play at Amir's large home where Amir reads Hassan stories and they play around. The Kite Runner proves that when one loses another's trust, one must complete an act of compassion in order to regain the trust lost. Trust is difficult to acquire but, easily lost. Not standing by when your friend needs you the most is one way …show more content…

Amir feels that if Hassan were alive that saving his son would smooth over any bad tension, to make things right again. Amir metaphorically gains Hassan's trust back. Unfortunately the only way Amir is going to save Sohrab was to let Assef do his 'unfinished business'. Assef brutally beats Amir because back in the day Amir stuck up for Hassan who is of the lower class, of which Assef despised "‘You're bothering me very much. In fact, you bother me more than this Hazara here. How can you talk to him, play with him, let him touch you'"(Hosseini 41). Assef is of the higher class does not believe that the Hazara people should exist in Afghanistan. Assef wants to rid of all of them; he calls it 'Ethnic cleaning'. In return for trying to free Sohrab, Sohrab helps save Amir from Assef. Sohrab points his slingshot at Assef asking him to let them both go and to stop hurting Amir. When Assef denies Sohrab lets go of the slingshot cup hitting Assef dead on in the left eye "The slingshot made a thwiiiiit sound when Sohrab released the cup. Then Assef was screaming. He put his hand over where his left eye had been just a moment ago. Blood oozed between his fingers. Blood and something else, something white and gel-like" (Hosseini 291). Sohrab does this because he trusts Amir. He has the feeling that Amir is telling the truth and wants to save him instead of use him like …show more content…

Once something threatens it the bond can break. Amir and Sohrab go to the adoption agency so Sohrab to have passage to the states. Sadly they told Amir that without Sohrab's parent's death certificate they are not able let him adopt him or bring him to the states. Sohrab is so over whelmed that when Amir and him arrive home he goes to the bathroom to take his nightly bath but slits his wrist. Sorhab is just tired of all of the tragic events and pain in his life. He just wants everything back to how it was "'I want my old life back.' "'I want Father and Mother jan. I want Sasa. I want to play with Rahim Khan sahib in the garden. I want to live in our old house again'"(Hosseini 354). Amir in the other room, unaware of what Sohrab has done is able to get the adoption papers and consent of entry for Sohrab. Ecstatically Amir goes to the bathroom to tell Sorhab the fantastic news. Amir finds Sohrab in the tub bleeding; Amir rushes him to the hospital "I see them wheel him through the double doors and I follow. I burst through the doors, the smell of iodine and peroxide hits me, but all I have time to see is the two men wearing surgical caps and a woman in green huddling over a gurney"(Hosseini 344). Amir is panicking; he's not sure how long Sohrab has been in the tub bleeding or does he know how far he's cut. Amir cannot let him die. Sohrab is apart of him, apart of his best friend. Luckily Amir makes it in time and Sohrab is ok, but Sohrab

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