The Kite Runner: Movie Analysis

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The "Kite Runner" is a moviethat have a very big emotional impact on the hearts of the viewers. It portrays the life of two Afghanistan boys who are brothers that don 't know yet. Before the younger one, Hassan dies he does not find out the thrush about his "best friend." The older one, Amir finds out that Hassan was his brother after he died. Before Amir knew about any of this he was living in California with his wife and dad. Amir got a call from an old friend and flew back to Kabul. After he hears the bad news, he finds out that Hassan has a son and Amir goes out of his way to find him. He ends up finding the son in a orphanage and goes to hell and back trying to get him back to California. From there they live happily ever after. Throughout the course of this movie, two themes are revealed . One team being revealed is unconditional love and friendship and the other is loyalty and betrayal. In the movie Amir gets beat up to the max by the Taliban trying to get the custody of his brothers son. He was on the verge of death however, he would die for his nephew. This shows unconditional love. When Hassan and Amir were little boys, the town had a group of bullies…show more content…
Moving onto the betrayal and loyalty. Hassan was extremely loyal to Amir. Amir set up Hassan, accusing him of stealing the watch with father got him. Amir told his father and Hassan owned up to the theft, but he really didn 't steal the watch. Amir was betraying Hassan, however Hassan was extremely loyal to him. When Hassan was getting raped for Amir 's kite, Amir watched the whole thing but he never said and a word about it. For me that 's a major part of betrayal in a friendship. Throughout the movie Amir kept saying the quote "I don 't want to forget anymore." He was saying that referring to the tale of his best friend at the time. If he was a true best friend, he would of done something at that moment. At the end of the movie he makes up for it by getting Hassan 's son back and taking care
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