The Kite Runner Persuasive Essay

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2. What role should competition play in a child or student’s life? Think about a competition or contest you have participated in. Were the participants encouraged to be as competitive as possible or to cooperate with one another? Is this different for boys and girls? Is being competitive something that we should encourage in children? “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, by reading this title we can tell . “The Kite Runner” makes use of several symbols throughout the text, but the kite competition is the major symbol. In this book, the most important competition is the kite running contest. In this contest, the participants are teams of boys, and the kite flyer tries to cut other kites in the air. Eventually, there would be only 1 kite…show more content…
The contest can be interpreted in different ways. In its violence, kite fighting represents the conflicts that release uncontrollable anger Afghanistan nearly throughout the course of the story. We can look at what these symbols represent and how they help develop the main concerns of guilt and the loyalty of a true friendship. In the book the kite is also used to show the strength of the bond between Amir and Hassan. At the tournament they must work as a synchronised team to defeat the other players. When they do win, Amir shouts with overflowing confidence “We won! We won!” Amir’s word choice of ‘we’ shows his powerful friendship between Hassan is perfectly united and attached. The kite in Afghanistan is used to reinforce the theme of loyalty and friendship. In the end of the story, where the two kite fight presented in the book are the actual reflection of their conflict and their lives. Amir’s betrayal and further redemption to Hassan. The symbol of the kite in the novel also becomes the representation of the regrets that is experienced by Amir, as a reminder of his failure to be a decent
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