The Kite Runner Pomegranate Tree Analysis

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Sam McElroy
Mrs. Erfurth
Period 6
31 January 2016
Symbolism of the Pomegranate Tree
In the book The Kite Runner it shows the development and maturity of Amir. From all the things that happened to him as a boy with all the political problems and foreign war. living with the winter of 1975 on his shoulders his whole life. Amir feels so bad in the afternoon when he witnesses his best friend Hassan’s rape. His inability to stop the rape forces Amir to experience shame and guilt throughout the rest of his life. Amir’s betrayal to his once close friend convinces him to seek redemption for his wrongdoings. In the Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini , the pomegranate tree is used to symbolize how with all of Hassans and Amirs ups and downs with their friendship.
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When they were in their childhood they claimed that tree by carving their friendship in it.“Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul” (27). Sultans refers to as strength and stability. The Author calls them this to show how strong their friendship is there companionship was as strong as a rock. There friendship was going so strong for awhile until it hit a wall and took a big tumble. This all was because of Hassan's rape Amir could not even show himself to Hassan because he felt so humiliated with himself after watching his friend get raped and do nothing about it. After their friendship had died the pomegranate tree died. When Amir returns to Afghanistan he visits that tree after many years in sadness for his friend. “the pomegranate tree hadn’t borne fruit in years” (276). The statement in the book “had not borne fruit in years” shows how the two boys friendship had died. From the beautiful blooming tree that it once was to sorry little leafless runt of a tree. Also that this tree would never produce any fruit ever again same with their friendship it will never bloom again. Although with the tree and hassan both dead the very faded carving still remains. The carving stayed as a pure representation of their connection, showing that their friendship has died there connection still goes on even when Hassan is dead. The carving was as the base to show that

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