The Kite Runner Quote Analysis

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“You’ve always been a tourist here, you just didn’t know it” (Hosseini, 232) This quote in the novel represents the financial gap in Afghanistan. There was a bad side, and a good side in Afghanistan. Amir lived in the wealthy area of Afghanistan with the servants, people of the middle and upper class. Those people lived good, happy lives unlike those of the opposite side of Afghanistan. Most of the country is populated with the people of the poor side. This looks very foreign to Amir, as he is not familiar with it. Because of this, Farid notices that Amir has not experienced this his entire life.
“But we were the kids, who had learned to crawl together. And no history, ethnicity, society, or religion was going to change that either” (Hosseini,
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one summer day, I used one of Alis kitchen knives to carve our names on it 'Amir and Hassan, the sutan of Kabu" (27). This quote is an example of historical criticism. This helps the readers better understand the meaning and connection the pomegranate tree. The tree is a symbol of life and resurrection. This quote also connects to another quote dealing with the tree. “The punishment he craved, so maybe he can finally sleep at night.” (Hosseini, 98) Hassan crush the pomegranate. This shows the death of their friendship. It was now bleeding and broken with sorrow. This quote shows the true battling nature of the boys, faithfulness against…show more content…
Hassan never denied me anything.” (Hosseini, 4) This quote represents the strong friendship between Amir and Hassan. It also shows both their loyalty and dependence for each other. This quote also helps develop the theme of family and friendship. It is very obvious that Amir considers Hassan as his closest friend. Amir adopted the idea that he was above Hassan from the social hierarchy of the Hazaras. Throughout their friendship, Amir’s loyalty is questioned. Amir allowed Hassan to sacrifice himself, which showed how different the boys thought about each
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