The Kite Runner: Quotes Analysis

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Because Amir doesn’t have a strong connection with his father, he decides to betray his childhood friend Hassan by preventing him when he got raped in a alleyway. Ever since he was young, Amir was detached with his father and his father always seem to treat Hassan, a Hazara or slave, with a higher importance than Amir. Thus, making Amir was very envious of Hassan, and is always competing with him to win his father's affections, and by having enough courage to become a man. Amir entered in a famous kite competition, and Hassan helped him win. When Amir knocked the last kite down, Hassan was running to grab Amir’s prize. Hassan was threatened by Assef, a neighborhood bully, and was demanded that he would have the kite instead of Amir. Hassan…show more content…
This quote demonstrates that Amir selfness of getting the kite meant more than helping his friend. The quote indicates that Hassan devoted himself for Amir, by protecting the kite. He knows that Amir is wrong when he didn't help him, but he understands his actions. Amir is so self centered that he only looked at the kite, because if the kite was ripped Baba would realize that something wrong happened. After Amir examines the kite, he looks at Hassan. Clearly, Hassan is in pain, by Amir still won’t help him. He notices that his clothing is ripped, but there are still no signs of sympathy towards Hassan. He even says that Hassan “ swayed on his feet like he was going to collapse… steadied himself” and then “handed me the kite”. This displays how Hassan is in so much pain, that he was about to collapse on the ground. But, his loyalty to Amir made him realize that this is Amir’s moment. Hassan is Amir’s sacrifice to win Baba. When Amir saw Hassan reaction, this made dislike Hassan more, since he showed his devotion for Amir. This guilty, continues to be a struggle for Amir, through the rest of his
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