The Kite Runner Redemption Quotes Analysis

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Humans are constantly making mistakes. Remorse leads to redemption, thus, Amir’s remorse leads him to seek redemption. Throughout the whole book, Amir is striving for redemption for new and old situations that he finds himself in. He finds that he can not hide from the truth anymore especially when he becomes an adult. That is why redemption is a very important aspect of The Kite Runner. Amir finds himself seeking redemption with his father and with Hassan.
Amir and his father don’t have the best relationship. At the beginning of the novel, Amir tells us that he understands why his father doesn’t like him. He says it is because Amir killed his wife during childbirth and now he resents him for it. Amir and Baba never have a healthy
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An example of a way Amir tries to get redemption was at the kite tournament. Amir plans in his head his father’s reaction to him winning. Amir says, “It happened just the way I’d imagined. I opened the door to the smoky study and stepped in. Baba and Rahim Khan were drinking tea and listening to the news crackling on the radio. Their heads turned. Then a smile played on my father’s lips. He opened his arms. I buried my face in the warmth of his chest and wept.” (79) This quote shows that Amir is beyond proud of himself for his father being proud of him for once so he has earned his father’s redemption that…show more content…
Amir watched Hassan get raped and didn’t say a word about it, therefore, Amir feels partially responsible. Throughout The Kite Runner Amir moves on with his life until Rahim Khan calls. Rahim calls to ask Amir back to Kabul to retrieve Hassan’s long lost baby after Hassan’s death. “My suspicions had been right all those years. He knew about Assef, the kite, the money, the watch with the lightning bolt hands. He had always known. Come. There’s a way to be good again, Rahim Khan had said on the phone just before hanging up. Said it in passing, almost an afterthought. A way to be good again.” (192) I know that Amir is going to try to get redeemed by this because all he wants is to be good again and that is what Rahim Khan is promising. Rahim Khan tells Amir about Sohrab, Hassan’s baby, and it is Amir’s job to get him because Hassan is actually Amir’s long lost brother. By getting the baby Amir is giving Sohrab a life Hassan never had. He ends up raising him and giving Sohrab a good life rather than living in an orphanage.
An example of redemption in everyday life is sin. In The Kite Runner Baba says “There is only one sin and that is theft.” (17) I do agree with this to some extent but, I think there are other things to get redeemed from as well. Redemption is a very high underlying theme throughout the whole book. Whether it be with Amir’s dad, Hassan or even himself when he finds redemption in others, it is always
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