The Kite Runner Research Paper

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Love can make an individual act abnormally. Once that individual no longer sees his loved one reciprocate that undying admiration that he yearns for, stress and guilt-filled actions can occur on the individual 's behalf. Such a deep emotion like love caused Amir to act regrettably in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. In this novel, Amir demonstrated the significance between guilt and friendship. The topics of guilt and friendships alone define the similarities and differences between Amir and Baba. Amir tried to make his father proud, but no matter what he did, it never seemed to work. He would listen to Baba about all of his rants, one of them being about sins. Baba sat Amir on his lap and told him "when you kill a man, you steal a life...when you tell a lie, you steal someone 's right to the truth" (18). Amir knew Baba felt strongly about the sin of theft, but he…show more content…
Baba, on the other hand, was much more brave. "[Baba] once wrestled a black bear in Baluchistan with his hands. If the story had been about anyone else, it would have been dismissed..." (12). Everyone in Kabul knew him. He worked hard to help others, and because of that, they would work hard to help him. He built an orphanage in Kabul, saved a woman from getting raped, and moved to a foreign country to keep his son safe. Despite all of Baba 's brave acts, he seemed to be embarrassed of Amir being as timid as he was. He dealt with his own guilt of conceiving a child with Hassan 's mother by taking his frustrations out on Amir. He wanted to treat Hassan more like a son, but he could not. So instead of dealing with it, he just treated Amir like he was a stranger living in his house and paid a little more attention to Hassan. But the stranger, Amir, wanted nothing but his father 's love. After seeing signs that Baba loved a Hazara more than his own son, Amir got jealous. This jealousy taking root inside of Amir may have been trigger to his regretful actions from his childhood in Kabul to his life
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