The Kite Runner Secrets And Betrayal Analysis

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In the novel, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, there are a couple of instances in which secrets and betrayal play a role a character achieving self motivated goals. For instance, whenever Amir left Hassan in the “alleyway to get raped” along with whenever Amir “hid the money and watch” under Hassan's pillow. This causes readers the think differently of Amir for the rest of the story. Amir's goal for letting this happen to Hassan in stead of him was because he didn’t want to be assaulted by Assef and that he wanted to drive Hassan from his home. At the end of the store, these secrets are divulged. Whenever Amir lets Hassan get rapped by the bully, Assef, readers realize that Hassan isn’t the person portrayed at the beginning of the book. This is especially shown whenever Amir keeps this as a secret for the ongoing years. If he would have tried to help Hassan, then readers would be able to sympathize toward both characters, not just Hasan. The reasoning behind Amir’s innocence in the situation is because he was “scared,” he didn’t want to “confront” Assef. Another example of secrecy is when Amir deliberately hides a watch and money under Hassan’s bed. He did this with the goal to “drive him out of his home.” He knew that when the money…show more content…
Readers first observe this whenever Amir secretly stands and watches Hassan get raped by the bully, Assef. He didn’t intervene because he knew Assef would do the same to him and his main goal was not to let Assuf see him. Another example of this is whenever Amir hides money in Hassam's bed to make it seems as if he was stealing. His goal was to get Hassan kicked out of his home. As Amir grows older, his childhood secrets divulged and he begins to feel guilty for what he did to Hassan. Redemption is shown whenever Amir rescues Hassan's son from a war torn
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