The Kite Runner Individual Vs Society Analysis

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Self or Society? Today, society says barbaric actions are those of the Taliban and North Korea, causing harm to innocent people. Society tends to focus on those big events and cases of barbarism and yet, forget about the ones here at home. We brush off the sixteen year old that has a twenty year old boyfriend that gets her pregnant and leaves. Society determines what is civilized and what is barbaric and how it uses its morals, or lack thereof, to determine how individuals should live. Unfortunately, it affects how people view others and how they judge themself. In The Kite Runner, Amir sees himself as barbaric because of how he is seen. On page 77, Amir thinks, “ I ran because I was a coward.” He knows what Baba, or Rahim Kahn, or how any Afghan would treat him or what they would call him if they had seen him run away from Hassan being raped. He almost accepts that he is in the wrong and should be ridiculed. Amir wants to be himself, but society makes him look at himself different than he wants. As a child, all Amir wants is to…show more content…
When he is Monsieur Madeleine, he is respected as seen when he confesses that he is Jean Valjean. When he confesses, the attorney says, “You all know, at least by reputation, the honorable Monsieur Madeleine, Mayor of M------ur m-----. If there be a physician in the audience, we unite with the honor of the judge in entreating him to be kind enough to lend his assistance to Monsieur Madeleine and conduct him to his residence.”(119) People all around knew him as kind and respected him, so society painted him with a good color. Before and after he was Monsieur Madeleine, he was judged by simple things like his appearance. At the start of the book, on page 9, the innkeeper turned Jean Valjean away and refused to serve him, because his mistakes of the past and his appearance. It seems that no matter what you do, society will never be
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