The Kite Runner Short Story

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Introduction of The Kite Runner
‘The Kite Runner’ by KhaledHosseini is one of the wonderful and heartbreaking novel which describes the story of unlikely friendship between a wealthy boy and the son of his father’s servant. It was published in 2003 by Riverhead Books.It is Khalid Hosseini’s first novel. In this novel he discuss various themes like theme of Guilt, Redemption, Relationship between father and son and the most important themes of the issue of Cultural Identity and this gives a prominent feature to his novel. It also gives a short description of political and historical events of Afghan Monarchy in the 1970’s as well as it also throw light on his period of life which he spent in Kabul and then shifted to California. In this novel he also described the friendship of two boys with different Afghan cultural identity as one boy named Amir who is a Pashtun and the other boy named Hassan who is a Hazara which makes him a servant and Amir his owner. Pashtuns described as a majority ethnic group, good apperarence, honorable, high class in Afghanistan to make fun of Hazaras, a minority ethnic group, namely low social status, not so honored, and has low jobs like waiter, servant, etc. There was a social gap which defines their identities. Religious differences also set them apart, even though they both are Muslim: Amir isSunni whereas Hassan is Shia.It also touches the issues like social awareness, philosophy etc. Its setting in both Afghanistan and United States describes
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