The Kite Runner Summary

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Facts about the author

Khaled Hossein was born in March 4, 1965, in Kabul, which is the capital of Afghanistan. He is best known as Afghan-American novelist. He began his career with the “The Kite Runner” in 2002. Upon release, it received critical acclaim chiefly for its engaging story of immigration, a father-son relationship and friendship. The book received highly positive reviews from critics and readers. The book became a worldwide success, more than 10 million copies were sold in the United States, and more than 38 million copies were sold worldwide. For this wonderful masterpiece, Khaled Hosseini received many awards such as Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers Award, ALA Notable Book, Alex Award, Boeke Prize and other prominent
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He is an anti-Hazara. Assef is described as an arrogant neighborhood bully. He describes Hassan as flat-nosed, load-carrying donkey and mice-eating. Assef eventually rapes Hassan after Amir wins the kite tournament in Afghanistan. When Assef grows up, he joins the Taliban regime and shows people the wrong interpretation of Islam.

Soraya- The wife of Amir. Soraya is a Pashtun. She falls in love with Amir and wants to marry him. Before Soraya gets married to Amir, she tells Amir about her past: “When we [the Taheris] lived in Virginia, I ran away with an Afghan man. I was eighteen at the time... rebellious... stupid, and… he was into drugs... We lived together for almost a month. [...]. Pader (Soraya’s father General Taheri) eventually found us. He showed up at the door and... made me come home. I was hysterical. Screaming. Saying I hated him...” She is unable to have children and doctors fail to explain why due to unexplained infertility.

Sohrab- The son of Hassan. He is sent to an orphanage after the Taliban kills his parents. Assef purchases Sohrab from the orphanage and abuses him. After Amir rescues Sohrab from the villain Assef, he decides to adopt Sohrab and take him to the
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The book is worth reading for students and for a class. When I started reading this book I just couldn’t put it down. I thought the book was a masterpiece. Once you start reading the book, you will not be able to put it down! It addresses some of the major themes in our lives such as love and betrayal, rape and father-son relationship. In addition to that, it also includes human emotions. I found this book very interesting and it was not that hard to read. The book had astonishing characterizations. So, I would like to close by saying that I am extremely happy to have read this
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