The Kite Runner Symbolism Essay

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In the book, The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini, symbolism is showered throughout to give a deeper understanding and add power to his story. Through the use of symbolism, Khaled Hosseini represents the abstract concepts of freedom, goodness, sadness and friendship through the concrete objects of kites, deformities, weather, and a pomegranate tree. Kite fighting is the signature event of Afghanistan in The Kite Runner, which soon becomes the representation of freedom. Before the Taliban come into power, kite flying, along with kite flying tournaments are common throughout Kabul. While the Tabilban occupy Afghanistan however, Rahim Khan mentions to Amir that only two weeks after the Taliban took over, “... the Taliban banned kite fighting.” Foreshadowing the start of the oppression, and loss of freedom in Afghanistan as a whole.(Hosseini, 2003, pg. 213) At the end of the book, Amir sees people flying kites in America, “Another half dozen kites had taken flight.” At this point in the book, Amir is finally free.(Hosseini, pg.368) Hosseini uses deformities to symbolize inner goodness in combination with outward appearance. Hassan’s…show more content…
When Hassan and Amir are playing together it’s sunny, “I can still see Hassan up in that tree, sunlight flickering through the leaves…” the sunlight is connected to the happiness surrounding the good time Hassan and Amir are having. (Hosseini, pg. 3) When Baba is diagnosed with cancer, it’s also raining, another representation of sadness. Finally, at the end of the book, when Sohrab isn’t speaking with anyone, it’s raining, “Sohrab stayed under the canopy for a moment, then stepped back out into the rain.” The rain just happens to cease, and after a little kite flying, Sohrab smiles. (Hosseini, pg. 365) “Hardly there. But there.” (Hosseini, pg.
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