The Kite Runner Violence Analysis

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Violence is a key component of The Kite Runner. Hosseini utilizes violence to make the story as realistic as possible without having to take any of the realities of Afghanistan out of it. More importantly however, violence is used in The Kite Runner to both create and resolve conflicts. Characterization is developed through the use of violence. Violence is a very important aspect of the book. One example of violence is when Amir, a boy from Kabul, and Hassan, his Hazara servant and best friend, are competing in a kite tournament. After Amir wins the tournament, Hassan vows to retrieve the kite that Amir cut to win. When Hassan reaches the kite, a group of three boys surround him and demand the kite. Hassan refuses to give them the kite so…show more content…
By this time, Assef is a member of the Taliban and has been waiting to see Amir since Hassan had stopped Assef from hurting Amir when they were kids.. Assef begins to attack Amir. “I remember Assef shoving grapes in my face, his snarl all spit-shining teeth, his bloodshot eyes rolling… His brass knuckles flashing in the afternoon light” (Hosseini 288). Amir is terribly injured, yet starts to laugh. “For the first time since the winter of 1975, I felt at peace,” Amir says as he recalls the fight (Hosseini 289). Assef’s relentless beating of Amir allowed Amir to feel as though he was finally even with Hassan. It caused Amir to accept his mistakes and eventually stand up for something when he adopts Sohrab. Amir almost died from the fight, but the brutality results in numerous positive effects. This act of violence resolves many of Amir’s conflicts and reveals a new Amir, lifted of his regret. The endless and seemingly pointless violence in The Kite Runner is critical to the story. Each incident has its own unique purpose in the book whether it creates or resolves conflict, develops a character, or just shows the horrific place that Afghanistan can be. Violence is what makes the ending so satisfying. If Khaled Hosseini had left out all the violence, The Kite Runner wouldn’t be as riveting, genuine, and unforgettable as it is because the story wouldn’t have the same powerful
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