The Kite Runner Worksheet Essay

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The Kite Runner Worksheet #3 Chapters 12- 20 (50 points) First Response: Read the following quote and respond with specific examples from the book (2 paragraphs min.) A return to the beginning: “Come. There is a way to be good again” (2, 168/192). How does (chapters 12-14) this quote frame the action of these chapters? Amir received a call from his late father’s business counterpart Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan was sick and Amir planned to go on an urgent trip to see him. Rahim Khan said, “Come. There is a way to be good again” (Hosseini 168). This explains that Amir has the chance to be a good person. Amir’s guilty conscience had hunted his life since his childhood. Amir had the chances of telling the truth about what he’d done to Hassan but he chose to be deceptive. While in America, his life was clouded with an atmosphere of guilt and shame for leaving Hassan. It seemed like the guiltiness of what he’d done to Hassan in the past is suffocating his life by making him unhappy. When Rahim Khan said that he should go to Afghanistan,…show more content…
Throughout the Kite Runner, Amir lived a deceptive lifestyle by pretending that he was a good kid though he’d done terrible things to Hassan. Redemption plays a key part in Amir’s life because it gave him the urge to become a good person. There’s a way to be a “good person”. Amir knew that he could only achieve this if he has the chance to face his past and reconstruct it. In Amir’s perspective, redemption is his way of becoming “good” again. For so many years, Amir has been carrying this built up guilt of deception. It must have been suffocating for him to not be able to tell anyone about what he’s done to Hassan. It must’ve been devastating to know that there’s nothing he could do to fix what he’s done. But when Rahim Khan called one day and told Amir there was a way he could right his wrong, he took his first breath, knowing that he would redeem himself from guilt and
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