The Knight Commander Of Fuenteovejuna Analysis

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During the first act, Fernán Gomez de Guzman, the Knight Commander of Fuenteovejuna, abuses his authority by making amorous advances to the peasant women of the village and by humiliating the humble peasants and tradesmen under his jurisdiction. In a major insult to the town’s leadership, Fernán tries to force his attentions upon Laurencia, the daughter of Esteban, who is one of Fuenteovejuna’s two mayors. As the girl struggles against him, Frondoso, a young man in love with Laurencia, appears on the scene. Frondoso snatches Fernán’s crossbow from the ground and aims it at the Commander’s heart. Bravely, he threatens to kill the Commander unless the nobleman releases Laurencia. The humiliated Fernán frees her, but swears that his vengeance on Frondoso will soon follow.…show more content…
He first plunders the peasant’s stockpiles of grain and then asks Esteban to order his daughter to accede to his desires. Upon hearing this humiliating request, Esteban bitterly condemns Fernán for his baseness. Enraged, Fernán orders all peasants present at the scene to return to their homes – not together, but one at a time, so that no conspiracy against him may be hatched. Fernán next orders his henchmen Flores and Ortuno to flog the comical but sympathetic Mengo for attempting to stop the kidnapping of his kinswoman Jacinta, the next intended victim of the tyrant. Fernán then leaves town to take part in a military campaign. During his absence, all of Fuenteovejuna gathers to celebrate the wedding of Frondoso and Laurencia. Fernán returns to town in the midst of the festivities, arrests the newlyweds, and imprisons them for eventual
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