The Knight's Tale And Wife Of Bath Tale Analysis

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How is Love Perceived in The Knight 's Tale and Wife of Bath 's Tale? The Knight 's Tale and Wife of Bath 's Tale are both love stories which show two different ways of love, one in a way where you love someone but cannot get to them and it slowly drains you because of that, and the other, when the man is already sad and given up, at the last moment he is back to loving, these two ways of loving are so different yet so alike in many ways, that 's why this analysis will show you the similarities and differences. Chaucer also uses a range of literary devices to give the story more meaning and creativity. So the Knight 's Tale should be talked about first (even though it’s long and boring compared to the wife of bath 's tale) because it’s the first tale of all of the tales. There are two extremely close cousins (who might as well be brothers), Palamon and Arcite who are the nephews of the Duke of Thebes and they are captured in battle by the Duke of Athens and locked up in a tower, where there is a window (or should there not have been a window?), one day Palamon looks out of the window and see’s a beautiful woman (from a far distance) known as Emily and gives a huge groan, that very groan wakes Arcite up and Palamon blatantly tells Arcite to “come and look at this!” and of course Arcite falls more in love with Emily and they end up fighting over her, and losing all their camaraderie that they had with each other, another day (since there are no dates in this story) a friend
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