The Knight's Tale: Arcite And Palamon

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The tale is about romance, desire, jealousy and competition. The Knight’s tale happened hundreds of years ago where there were knights, dukes and duchess. The tale began with Theseus a who is powerful, great conqueror, just and merciful duke of Athens. In here, the tale discussed and showed the society where the powerful one rules. The tale adheres to traditional values of chivalric, knightly honor which there were strict codes of behavior which one must follow. A society of ruler and follower and whoever disputes the rule will be punished and condemned. In the scenario where women wept and knelt for pity, Theseus as a ruler showed empathy for the oldest women who lost their husbands in Thebes. Because of this, Theseus took an aggressive action against Thebes to right a wrong wherein it is perfectly acceptable as punishment for an offense against the honor of the dead soldiers. Moreover, Arcite and Palamon, the tale’s main characters are one of the soldiers who fought for Thebes but they were defeated. They were imprisoned by Theseus. The characters of Arcite and Palamon in the tale are not distinct as narrated. Literally in this tale, the two are prisoners then later became prisoners of love for Emelye. Emelye, the love interest of Arcite and Palamon is the sister of Theus ' wife. She was described by the knight in a pastoral symbol as pure and fertile when she first appeared and was seen by Arcite and Palamon in the garden. Arcite and Palamon are smitten by Emelye and

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