The Kokoda Trail Campaign

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The Siege of Tobruk and The Kokoda trail campaign were all part of WWII evolving Australia. However both wars were very significant to Australia seeing that countless Australian blood and soul’s were lost in the war. The Siege of Tobruk and The Kokoda Trail Campaign were both fought at different periods. The siege of Tobruk was fought during (April 10, 1941 – November 27, 1941) within Tobruk Port City Located on Libya's eastern Mediterranean. Whereas The Kokoda trail campaign was fought during (July 1942 – November 1942) and unlike the siege of Tobruk which was fought at a particular place the Kokoda battle was on a track that was made by Australian soldiers. The track stretched to a remarkable distance between Papua New Guinea from Port Moresby…show more content…
The story behind the war at Tobruk primarily started when Australian and British forces successfully defeated The Italian forces in Libya and with the Italian forces on the verge of collapse the German commander, General Erwin Rommel set a course to Tobruk to disintegrate the Australian and British forces garrison at Tobruk. With the battle on the edge of commencement The Australian and British forces were enforced to retreat back to Tobruk to protect the town and garrison. The battle held for eight long months with Australian and British forces, mostly Australians. The men of Tobruk garrison withstood the German and Italian forces attacks daily. With severe conditions such as scorching heat, Extreme cold nights and unimaginable dust storms the battle was very tuff for the men at Tobruk. On the other hand, the Kokoda trail campaign was a mission to stop the Japanese form invading Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea via a track from Gona on the North of Papua, for the reason that it would help them create a garrison from where they could attack the Northern tip of Australia and by far take over it. Unfortunately for the Japanese, Australian forces allied with the native’s of the Papua New Guinea and British forces and the entire defense force went on a trail leading from Gona to Port Moresby. The war began on 16th October 1942 were many young men died. But with the help of the natives most of them were lucky enough to see their family’s back home. Eventually, after all the sacrifices and determination of the soldiers, on 12th November 1942 the Japanese were defeated and went back
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