The Korean Armistice Agreement

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Throughout most of the korea history, korea had been invaded and fought over by its larger neighbors. A four-power trusteeship was established in Korea due to the Yalta Conference in the near April 1945. United States proposed that japanese troops surrender to the US force south of the 38th parallel and to the Soviet forces north of that line, while the Soviet Union agree to that proposal. Communists created a regional Five- Province Administrative Bureau in October 1945 which was reorganized in February 1946 into the North Korean Provisional people's committee. There was a guerrilla movement in April 1948 after a major rebellion on Cheju Island. The Japanese began to move in order to dominate the peninsula of Korea in 1894-1895,
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The document, known as the Korean Armistice Agreement, was signed on July 27, 1953 as a agreement to end the Korean War. The desired of was to end the fighting of the two side. Provide assurance against the fear of having another war and to protect the future security UNC forces. The sign of the Korean Armistice Agreement establish the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which is a new border between the two nation. Both of the two side, the North Korea and the South Korea, still occupy almost the same territory but with both country still separate. At 10am, in Panmunjom, the US army Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison, Jr., Senior delegate, United Nation Command Delegation; North Korean Gen. Nam ll, senior delegate, delegation of the korea people’s army and the Chinese people’s volunteer signed 18 officials copies of the Tri-language Korean Armistice agreement. Some factors of the Armistice Agreement is to suspended open hostilities. Withdrew all military forces and equipment from a 4,000-meter-wide zone, establish the Demilitarized zone as a buffer between the forces. Prevent each side from entering the territory of the others, arranged released and send back prisoners of war and displaced persons, and finally create the military Armistice Commission (MAC) and other agencies to discuss any…show more content…
Both of the two Korean countries have to invest in their military bases in order to prevent an possibilities of having another Korean War. The US started to maintain a permanent military presence there, in order to protect South Korea from North Korea incase they attack. The budget from North Korea have gone towards military spending that the country is insufficient in power, food or energy supplies. Many korean families had suffered from the split of the two countries, the North Korea and the South Korea. Mostly because some families have a different parent, for example, a mom from North Korea and a dad from South Korea. As many as one million civilians from the northern part of the korean Peninsula fled south.The North Korean lagged so much behind on their economic as well as their society, while the South Korean is very high in their economics and society. Both the North Korea and the South Korea civilians population suffered from enormous injuries and death, while also dealing with food shortage and all sort of hardship. Both of the two nation, North and South Korea remained as enemy till now. North Korea is still doing aggressive thing towards South Korean. Which result in the the US still protecting them. The Korea country has been split into two nation and it is still today having two different nation. After the Korean War take place, the effect on American is very huge. Taxes in America was raised in order to help

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