The Lace Makers Character Analysis

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We are all different and unique, or so we are told. History and Everyday activities can point out things that make us all similar. In the novel The Lace Makers by Kate Ingersoll, this is shown between her connection of two different girls, during different times. A young African American slave girl, during the Civil War, and A young German girl in a concentration camp, during World War II. Both girls go through tough challenges, they lose family members, Holding their tongues to keep out of trouble, all the while they anxiously wait to be freed. All these girls had were hope, knitting, and their mothers to help them during these times. The connection both girls have to knitting, illustrates the theme in the novel, The Lace Makers, that even though we are all different there are things in the world that make us more alike.
In the beginning of the novel Sapphire explains that her mother knew how to knit and taught her how, Karin explains the clothing she made with her mother and how her mother taught her too. Sapphire tells the reader her mother taught her how to knit: “My
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In the novel The Lace Makers, Kate Ingersoll takes the lives of two different girls in two separate and major points of history, and made a connection with knitting, to show their struggles were alike but not all the same. This novel depicts my relationship with my mother, I am very close with my mother she is one of my best friends and I have learned almost everything from her. My mother is very important to me, similar to how Karin and Sapphire’s mothers are important to them. This novel has an important lesson within it, no matter who you are there is something that can connect us all to each other whether it is small or big. Also, both girls knew what it meant to be enslaved, waiting and hoping for freedom. They survived long enough in order to see their freedom and no longer had to
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