Wollstonecraft's Analysis

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For Wollstonecraft, lack of education was the cause of all feminine misery, and since women were denied the opportunity to expand their rational activities in many cases, they could never attain virtue. Thus, they assumed artificial codes of behaviour to gain some type of masculine respect and were content to remain ignorant or unaware to attract men who would profess love for them. However, women could never remain objects of desire for imprecise periods of time, and even though they sacrificed their youth and middle age to husband and family, women were always restrained by the masculine notion of “the desire of being always women … [which was] the very consciousness that degrades the sex”
Once women received this ideal education of mind,
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Having found a circle of friends and literary acquaintances that advanced her intellectual and moral development, Wollstonecraft expected other women to seek out experiences that would improve their education, moral development and lots in life and, further, lead them to challenge traditional masculine- ‐feminine relations. In her mind, members of both sexes were fully capable of destroying or improving each other. This premise prompted Wollstonecraft to call for a “revolution in female manners … to make them as a part of the human species… reinforcing themselves to reform the world” (Flexner 145).
2. Gender Equity in Education
Gender equity or equality in education means that males and females have equal opportunities in terms of economic, social, cultural, and political developments. If gender equity is exactly achieved this will contribute to future of girls and boys more than approaches men-centred, and girls will get benefits from public and domestic life as much as boys.
One thing that Wollstonecraft thinks is horrible for society is the fear of change and innovation. She constantly mourns the fact that schools still teach children to memorize and nothing else. What can
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Wollstonecraft is convinced that the only way to create equality and respect between men and women is to socialize them together from a young age. Educating women differently couldn't possibly have a bad effect on them, since in Wollstonecraft's mind, there's no possible way anyone could make them weaker than their current education already does. Wollstonecraft thought that educating boys and girls together would also have the added benefit of creating early marriages. She tends to think that the earlier two people get married, the better.
Above all else, women must learn self-respect, and they can only learn self-respect by learning to think for themselves. Then they won't spend their lives using seduction and other tricks to get men to give them what they want.
In “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” There is nothing Wollstonecraft wants more than for women to have access to the same kind of education as men. Wollstonecraft was an extremely educated woman, and she felt that if all women had the opportunities she did, more of them would turn into great and productive members of society.
In her mind, all of women's worst qualities come from the fact that they lack proper education and are taught only to care about superficial things, if women had proper training in maths, philosophy, art, and science. Wollstonecraft`s is confident that they could become every bit as good as
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